Marketers in the Philippines cannot deny that there is a basis for using television and out-of-home advertising when it comes to political campaigns; however, marketers slowly notice significant trends that people slowly pay more attention to display advertising, or advertising through banner ads and other rich media forms. Here are four reasons a Philippine senatorial candidate should invest in display advertising.

Highly targeted

An important part of a political campaign is to feed your message to the right people. Whether a candidate is fighting for the rights of the poor or is anti orruption, chances are these messages will agree with some and won’t with others.

A key advantage of online display advertising is that it is highly targeted. It can be customized based on the audience one wants to reach in comparison with the broader target audience of television. This means that a campaign is likely to waste less resources targeting the wrong people who are less susceptible to the message.

High traffic

When it comes to political campaigns, Philippine senatorial candidates will admit that the more exposure their advertising gets, the better and more likely of their success. While television and out-of-home advertising gets a good amount of traffic, the platform of online display advertising is still under-utilized.

Advertising through online display ads generates high traffic because the user is usually served an ad instead of waiting for him/her to search. Marketers have seen an increase in traffic immediately after utilizing online display platforms.

Dynamic platform

Each senatorial candidate has different objectives. Television and out-of-home advertising are typically static because they offer little to no interaction with the target audience. Online display advertising, on the other hand, is a more dynamic and interactive way to spread a message.

Chances are political candidates will find a format that suits them because display advertising comes in different forms such as: videos, banner ads, mobile ads, and other forms of rich media.

Another advantage of the dynamic quality of online display advertising is the ability to cross different formats. A candidate can show a video and then have this link to their website or profile. This allows for more exposure and better information dissemination.


There have been news in recent years of the Commission on Elections (COMELEC) limiting political ad airtime in the Philippines. While the issue is contested, the COMELEC is adamant on limiting airtime even if it means cutting down on campaign spending.

Philippine political candidates are notorious for over-spending on their campaigns. An advantage of utilizing online display advertising is that it is cost-efficient.

If marketers handle display advertising correctly, it could save millions of pesos on advertising material.