The Difference Between Mobile Web and In-App Ad Placements

From ads designed for desktops, now advertisers design ads that can reach the increasing population of mobile users. Mobile advertising has targeted more audience that would just click an ad, download a new app, or apply for a new credit card. To ensure this reach, advertisers can choose between mobile web placements and mobile in-app

How to Market Your Android App Using Programmatic Media Buying (For Beginners)

Imagine a new on-demand ride-sharing company called Coolest Ride just launched in Singapore. The company wants local riders and commuters to install their Android app, and use it when they travel around the city. They know that their app comes in handy during rush hours, and provides convenience, comfort, and safety to their users. The

How to Promote Your Mobile App Globally Through Programmatic Media Buying

Programmatic RTB media buying has been around for a while, but it’s still a new concept for many mobile marketers. In a nutshell, buying mobile ads in a programmatic way means using technology to automate and optimize the mobile media buying process in real-time. The simplest way to buy mobile ads programmatically is through advertising

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