5 Real-Time Bidding (RTB) Myths Busted

The benefits of targeted ad buying in real-time have piqued the interests of advertisers and publishers. As online advertising shifts to more automation and programmatic processes, misconceptions inevitably rise. This is particularly so for real-time bidding (RTB). There is certainly a growing trend towards programmatic ad buying. eMarketer reports that four of every five US

The Different Pricing Models in Online Advertising

The online advertising industry has exploded. The difficult, and somewhat complicated matter of pricing models inevitably comes with this. CPC and CPM are the most common among the pricing models because they have been around the longest. Now, however, advertisers can calculate price in various other ways. Pricing models are important to the advertiser’s budget

Why NOW is the Right Time for Your Ad Campaigns to Go Programmatic

When you look at all the buzz about programmatic, you realize it is going mainstream. Although programmatic really took off in 2014, it’s not too late for your agency to take advantage of this growing trend. Here are some reasons NOW is the right time for your campaigns to go programmatic. Premium Inventory Expansion Programmatic’s

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