Before you can start to launch your campaign and bid for traffic, you need to deposit funds to your account first.

Minimum Deposit: $500 USD
Payment Methods: Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, Discover or wire transfer
Terms: Prepay
Refund Policy: Refund of remaining account balance, minus a 15% administration fee.

We accept the following mode of payments:

Credit cards – Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover. You can add funds directly to your account through by clicking “Add Funds” in your advertiser dashboard.

Wire transfer – Please send us an email through

When you add funds to your account, we do not automatically send you an invoice. To request an invoice, please email us at and include the following details:

Company name:

Billing contact:

Once we have your information, we will send you an invoice through your email in PDF format.

If your credit card is declined while funding your account, contact so we can look into it right away.

Sometimes, our payment provider tags certain transactions as “high risk” that’s why the payment doesn’t go through. We just need to mark the payments as “safe” for your payments to go through.

To request for a refund, please send us an email along with the following information:

Company name
Dashboard URL
Reason for the refund

The processing of refund takes 30 days with 15% service fee.


We do not work on a CPC/CPA basis. You can bid for ad placements through our platform on a dynamic CPM basis and optimize your campaign for conversions.

We work on a prepayment basis only. You have to add funds to your advertiser dashboard first before you can bid for ad placements or buy traffic.

We only accept prepayment for now.

The minimum top up account is is $500.

We work on a dynamic CPM pricing model.


It takes 3-12 hours for the creatives to be approved. The approval time depends highly on the ad exchanges that we work with.

We do no approve creatives on weekends.

NO, we do not support rotating tags.

Yes, we support JS (JavaScript) tags.

Yes, we support 3rd-party ad tag.


Yes. You can create a site list that contains websites that you want to exclude in your targeting.

To do this, go to SITE LIST >> ADD SITE LIST

Then upload your SITE LIST and mark it as BLACK LIST.

Click SAVE.

Yes, you can target audience by their geo-locations. To do this, follow the these instructions:


2. Select the “Location” tab

3. Select the location / country that you want to target

4. Click on the (+) next to the location of your choice and the location will be seen on the right had area of the dashboard.

5. Click save.

Yes, you can target a specific traffic source or ad exchange for your campaigns. 

To do this, go to All Campaigns >> Select a Campaign >> Strategies >> Select a Strategy

Click on the SUPPLY tab >> Uncheck the “Run on All Supply Sources” >> Select the traffic sources that you want to target.

You will see all your targeted sources on the right-hand side area. Then click SAVE.


We cannot give you the exact number of impressions per country, but we can reach as much as 30 million impressions per day. Our top geos are

Web display, mobile web, in-app, native, and video

You can target online audience anywhere in the world