When you look at all the buzz about programmatic, you realize it is going mainstream. Although programmatic really took off in 2014, it’s not too late for your agency to take advantage of this growing trend.

Here are some reasons NOW is the right time for your campaigns to go programmatic.

Premium Inventory Expansion

Programmatic’s wide and accurate reach is part of why it is enticing to many advertisers. Some have argued, however, that the inventory offered by programmatic is too limited and basic and therefore constrains the reach and effectivity of their campaigns.

But as programmatic becomes more acceptable, companies and brands started to leverage the inventory from it.

Not only can you run programmatic ads on Facebook and Twitter, but companies such as Time Inc., News Corp., Wenner Media, and American Media, have opened up their inventory as well. This means your agency can expect to deal with better, more top-notch inventory, from now on.

The Rise of Programmatic Video

In the past, and sometimes even until now, agencies thought that programmatic mainly dealt with display advertising. Some argued that if they wanted to get their message across, it would have to be through more dynamic platforms like video, and not just display.

The idea that programmatic only deals with display ads contributed to its slow progress.

Only a year ago, programmatic specialists did not expect programmatic video ads to grow rapidly. Business Insider’s report predicts programmatic video to be one key factor in driving growth in the programmatic sector.

Predictions have been made that ad spend on programmatic video will total $3.9 billion by 2018.

IAB’s Anti-Malware

One of programmatic’s major stumbling blocks was the increasing reports on click fraud. Advertisers became wary that majority of the impressions that they got from ad tech platforms were from bots.

In 2014, however, The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) released their Anti-Fraud Principles. These are, essentially, three principles that will help remove poor-quality ad traffic for good.

Even better, IAB also created the Anti-Malware Working Group, which is a group that identifies and combats malware attacks on digital supplies.

With established parameters like these, it is much safer now than it was before to invest in programmatic.

Better Technology

Gone are the crude methods of earlier programmatic platforms. Better ad techs are developed as programmatic becomes more mainstream.

Demand-side platforms (DSPs), supply side platforms (SSs), real-time bidding (RTB) applications and other platforms are just some technologies related to programmatic advertising.

With each new innovation, advertisers see major growth with these ad technologies. Platforms are even more efficient and able to carry out multiple functions in one site. This adds a number of conveniences for advertisers that older platforms could not provide.

Invest in ad tech now, and these conveniences and innovations are yours to command.

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